W.H.A.L.E. inc. is BACK baby woooo!! :)

YES. The definitely-better-than-the-one-that-i-submitted-to-seajam version which includes:

  • GRAPHICS!!! Yes, now instead of those boring little rectangular trash, I have created 3 trash graphics: a plastic bag, a cohe (not a ripoff of coke lol) and Sharbuck (no this aint the worse version of Starbuck cause i did not ran out of idea) and i rotated each 3 times so now there are 9 versions :D
  • Add a page transition that looks real cool (play the game to see it bruh XD)
  • Change the number of trash that spawns cause my computer is running like SHI-
  • New cursor that looks like a rly bad net (ok this sounds boring but it actually is better for the browser to run trust me 🤣)
  • Changed the SHOP so now it doesnt have to run so much code and i also made it so that buying a 40 is better than two 20s at a time :O
  • Also, there are minor bug fixes, tweak the color here and there, change the HOW...

Jokes aside tho, I rly appreciate you for seeing my games. I intentionally created this game as an effort to support the global fundraiser teamseas with the seemingly impossible goal of cleaning 30 mil lbs of trash out of the ocean. Although the thing is over, thank you SO MUCH for being part of this. 😘 LOVE U, DQG


whaleinc.zip Play in browser
Sep 05, 2022

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