W.H.A.L.E. inc. doesn't work???

These days whale inc doesnt run and always says "Loading game for the first time"?? Yes. Cannot run even after 3 hr of loading? YES. Before I freaked everything up, I was trying to upgrade this game with graphics (yes graphic is coming :0) and when i think it is alright, i published it onto itch.io but it didn't load. I don't know what is happening at first and i even blamed itch.io for it :)) (im sorry admins im stupid oke) but then I opened up the zip I downloaded from p5 and i found out that p5 is not working properly. The size of the files were 0!!! Does anyone here understand why??? Finally I decided that I would download Vscose (i usually code on the browser version) and now it finally is working yay :D Anyways i found some more bug and i think it will be finished soon!! :) I'm sorry for this but i cannot do anything i have just reported a bug to p5.

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