Best played at 150-200% zoom (Google)

SOOOO, first of all, this is the 2nd version of whale (im not going to write the whole name lol) and the first version is unfortunately deleted (im stupid oke) and you can find all the description of version 1 right here: W.H.A.L.E. inc. so... i dont have to explain everything from start to finish okey XD

jk, but be sure to check out the description to know more bout this and also, last but not least, this game is an effort to contribute sth small yet supportive of the global fundraiser teamseas and the game jam seajam with cleaning 30 mil lbs of trash out of the ocean being the goal in mind, which is so successful thanks to millions of donaters and who knows, i may be the one who inspired one of them 😏

Anyways, thank you VERY MUCH for spending your precious time with this project of mine. I appreciate every second of it :) HAVE A GREAT DAY! -DQG


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Cute fun turn on clicker game.

thanks :)

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This wont be done yet. This game will be improve over time as this is not worth being a "V2". And also, if you ANY suggestions that sounds cool, you should reply to this comment, describe the feature and also write your name (optional, should if your itchio name isnt your real name but it depends on you!), so if it gets into the game, you will definitely be a part of it! :D