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Covid-20 is back!!!! :))

This is a upgraded version from my old game Covid-20 with 6 new features!! They will be listed down there! :)

This version could be the last update of part 1. I will change into making part 2!! (updates on p2 down there)

New Features:

  • - Added Settings which you can change:
    • Your color
    • Your mask
    • Your hats
    • And your speed!!
  • - Added delag mode so no worries about the computer crashing! :))
  • - Added mobile mode for mobile gamers!!!! :0 (Dang, this is THE first time I made a game for mobile from a game for computers)
  • Added animations to the story so reading it would be less boring :)
  • Fixed some bugs like incorrect scores and best scores, pausing...
  • Tweaked the levels a bit :))

I'm sorry I haven't release any games these days. I can't code much cause I have to study for an important exam :(( But do not worry too much :)) I'll be back in a few days!

Update on Covid-20 Part 2: I'm done with the "construction" of Covid-20 including the plot, the name (sort of lol), the boss... and we will dive a bit deeper into the life of the main character!!! :D I am really excited about part 2 of this "series"!! I will keep you updated!! :)

Anyway, thanks for playing my game!! Stay safe!! :L



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Thank YOU so much for trying the game! :)

If you're wondering, yes, there are Easter eggs!! :0 How many? Im not going to tell you :))

I've tried to "kill" (lol) all the bugs but there can still be more, so if something bugs out, please report it to me thru this comment! :)

Thanks, DQG