Imagine there is an ALTERNATE universe where the Coronavirus started in 2020, and it is much stronger. It has infected millions and millions of people. The virus controlled EVERY INFECTED ONE (dead AND alive). And this game is just about that!! :)) Get through them to find food and water for the next few weeks!


Play with your arrow keys  ⮜    &    ⮞

Avoid those Coivd-infected people (a.k.a Covics)  🛑🦠

Get to the house SAFELY!!  🏠


Original content: Yep, still me, DQG :))

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Development log


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P.P.S: Don't worry if the FPS goes down, just refresh the page or let it there and it will go up.

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Hey there!! :) I published an upgraded version of this game! :0 It have a lot more features than this version!

-> Link:

Thanks! :)