Bitsy Bits - by DQG

For GMTK Game Jam 2021


YOU are a tiny bit in a computer. You and your friends are invaded by the "bit_destroyer_1000". You have to team up and survive.


Arrow keys for moving (WASD is coming :D)


- Arrow keys move the whole page!!

- If you manage to play the game, enemies and bits spawn outside of the area!

- If you go to the border, and keep pressing the keys, they will run out of nowhere while you don't even move!?

P.S: Made with p5.js so it is not so good... :P


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Nice game

Thanks!! (though the controls are weird :P)


why are the controls weird

Uhmmm... can you be more specific??


since it's browser based the arrow keys make the page go up and down too so it's disorienting

Oh... now I've realized... 

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