HELLO!! This is Just a 3D Button (Yes, I chose that name :P)

It includes a ton of features: a SUPER-DUPER-COOPER 3D Button, 13 different advancements can be found all over the game, a basic tutorial for cavemen lol, a shop, meme splashes.... You will see all of them listed down there ↓

How to:

It is pretty simple: a button press = more points :)) No, you actually just need to press and when enough money, you can increase your points/click (this is what increase your points for every click) through the shop. More info in the "HOW" section in game!

All features:

AHEM, these are the features that this has to offer:

    • Colorful and high contrast art!!
    • super realistic 3D Button
    • A simple tutorial
    • A cool shop
    • ≈ 60 (!!) meme splashes that will make your day :)
    • 13 different advancements (3 hidden) covering from start to end
    • Speedrun mode included! (Dream mode activated) :)
    • Share your speedrun time to impress others and challenge your friends to a SHOWDOWN!
    • Delag mode for any bad computers (like mine lol)




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Really?? Wow! My PB is like 1:34 i think :L

You beat me!! Damn. But CONGRATS!! :))

Sorry for the late respond, itch didnt notify me :(

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If you have any good ideas, recommend it to me and it might be added!! :)

Bugs?? There are tons of them! Comment anything you found here and it will be fixed right away!!! :D

If you think the webpage makes your eyes go BRRRRR then tell me too lol :)

Anyway, thanks for checking out my project. It definitely needs a lot of things so it won't be this boring :)


I have a question, is this made in p5.js?

Yes!! :) (Sorry for the late respond)


Wow! Great job.

:)) Thanks!