Version 1.1 is out!!

HEY THERE!! So... version 1.1 is out!! It has many cool features that version 1.0 didn't have. These are some of the special features of version 1.1 offers:

1. Bugs fixed (These bugs are from version 1.0):

 - The menu button glitch: Click back to the menu but the clock keeps running.

 - The stop button glitch: When you haven't clicked on any tiles, press the stop button and then the resume button, the clock will start by itself.

 - 'Staying Alive' glitch: Sometimes you don't die if pressed on a mine (really rare, I don't know what caused it, but when I fixed other glitches, it worked again)

2. Art update:

 - Now, the game has pixel art (hearts, mines, special items...)!! (Trying to recreate them so they look better)

3. 'Startscreen' update:

 - The menu is now better with credits, how-to-play... and not as glitchy as before :)

4. Others:

 - The "lowest-time" was accidentally written as "Hi" (as in Highscore)

--> Thanks for checking this out! If you want to play it, click this link:


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Cool?? Why not play it right away?? :))